Hi. I'm Meghan and I make photographs.

But you already know that. You found my page. What you might not know is why I make photographs and how it has anything to do with you. I'm here to tell you that.

I am passionate about what I do. I don't take for granted the fact I'm fortunate enough to do what I do, so I work hard for my families. In the last 6 years, I photographed hundreds of families. New families, old families, big families, small families, families of 2 people, families of 14 people. I have taken photos of brand new humans in their first few weeks of life. I have celebrated births and birthdays, pregnancies, weddings, holidays, and everyday Saturday afternoons. I understand families. I understand the connections in a family and the importance of your family's history.

In making a photograph of your family, I capture your history. I capture the feeling of holding your brand new baby in your arms and turn it into history. That you will feel every time you look at that photograph. I print your history and help you hang it on your wall to be loved, remembered, admired forever. Forever. That's not an exaggeration! Think back to your grandparent's house. Their history was right there hanging on the walls. Maybe it was yellowed by the sun and years. Maybe it fell off the wall every time the back door was slammed a little too hard and the frame chipped on the upper left corner. But there it is. Their history, the history of your family, right there to be loved, remembered, and admired. 

I can do that for your family. I want to do that for your family. And I do that by making classic studio portraits fun and modern. 

If you want me to make photographs of your family as much as I do, let me know here! I look forward to hearing from you.